]Toronto, August 24-25, 2022

Conference Theme: “Making Me Visible”

The 13th International Conference on the Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Handbook promotes health equity and aims to bring the health of mothers and their children to the forefront as, too often, social barriers make mothers feel invisible. MCH Handbook is a home-based health record and information tool which supports women throughout their pregnancy, delivery, and the postnatal period, along with the first few years of their children’s lives. Aside from being a source of information, the MCH Handbook strives to empower parents by strengthening communication between them and health professionals and encouraging them to be actively involved in decision-making and management of their family’s health.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global maternal and fetal outcomes worsened, with rises in maternal deaths, stillbirths, and maternal depression. Overall, the pandemic has highlighted an urgent need to prioritize accessible and equitable maternal care.

The primary objectives of this conference are to:

  1. Advocate for social cohesion through equitable holistic maternal and child care around the globe
  2. Promote the implementation of the MCH Handbook as a global standard tool.
  3. Support the needs of underprivileged families, including refugees, migrants, and ethnic minorities

Overall, this conference is an opportunity to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on the implementation and use of the MCH Handbook and identify future trajectories and strategies to ensure the program’s success. We gladly invite healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, students, and anyone passionate about improving maternal and child care, to attend, share experience and learn more about how we are striving to make mothers visible.

Conference Theme
Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan, Press Briefing, Japan, 2022