12th International Conference on the Maternal Child Health Handbook

Due to the pandemic, the 12th International Conference on the Maternal and Child Health Handbook has been organized on-line with four Webinars in February, May, September and November 2021.

To stay connected, we organize:

Four online webinars in 2021

  • February, 18th at 9.30am-11.30am (CET) – Theme: Ensuring maternal and child health care amidst the pandemic
  • May, 27th at 12.30pm-2.30pm – Theme: Reaching out to vulnerable pregnant women and their partners,
    preventing early life stress
  • September, 23rd at 12.30pm-2.30pm – Theme: The Digital MCHHandbook
  • November, 4th at 12.30pm-2.30pm – Theme: ‘No one left behind’, MCHHandbook for parents with vulnerable infants

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Theme of the 4th Webinar session: ‘No one left behind’ MCHHandbook for parents with a premature child or children who are born with special conditions

The 4th Webinar Session is scheduled on the 4th of November 2021 (12.30pm-2.30pm CET). Representatives from three countries will be sharing their experiences of the MCHHandbook for parents with vulnerable infants.

Moreover, Prof. Yasuhide Nakamura from Japan will be the session’s keynote speaker. He will speak about the value of the MCHHandbook.

The webinar program is as follows:

12.30 Welcome by Prof. Arnoud Verhoeff and Anneke Kesler(Moderators)

12.35 Opening Message by Mrs. Simone Kukenheim, Alderman of the City of Amsterdam

12.40 Presentations about the MCHHandbook:

  • Dr. Marit Recourt about the MCH Handbook ‘Born too early, too light or sick’ from the Netherlands
  • Mrs. Akemi Bando about the different MCHHandbooks of Japan
  • Asst. Prof. Yang, about Little Baby Handbook of Taiwan

13.25 Open Forum

13.40 Keynote Lecture: Prof. Yasuhide Nakamura, Japan

14.05 Open Forum

14.20 Summary and Learnings by Dr Mbambole Grâce Alake, Cameroon

14.25 Announcements and end of session

Date & Place

12th International Webinar Conference summer 2021

Congress language

The official Congress language is English. All congress material will be in English and all sessions, workshops e.g. will be English spoken. All abstracts submitted for the conference are therefore required to be in English, as well all other congress materials such as audio-visual presentations and posters.

To whom

The MCH Handbook conference is of interest to:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Midwifes
  • Child Development Professionals
  • Researchers/Academicians
  • Policy Makers
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Government and NGO officials/representatives

The sponsors of this conference