Travel to Amsterdam

Flying to Amsterdam is most accessible to Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport. Transport into the city is best by train, which takes about 15 minutes and costs less than 5 euro (after buying an OV-chip card). It is not advisable to travel to Amsterdam by car since parking downtown is difficult and expensive.

Amsterdam is also a known hub for international trains that stop at Schiphol airport and Amsterdam central station, for more information, see: NS International. For national trains to Amsterdam, see

Taxis can also be used to travel from Schiphol to the conference venue with taxi company TCA:
+31 (0)20 – 777 77 77.

Travel in Amsterdam

Travelling in Amsterdam is easiest with public transport. If you travel with public transport in The Netherlands, you need to purchase an OV-chip card (digital smartcard), on which put some money and use to check in before and out after travelling. The cheapest option is to purchase an anonymous chip card. To purchase the City Card is only a better option if you plan to travel extensively within the city of Amsterdam.

Click here for more information about the OV-Chipcard

Click here for more information about the City Card

For time schedules and directions for all public transportation (train, metro, tram, bus) in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, see

However, Amsterdam is also famous for its bicycles. Distances are not too far, and Amsterdam is relatively flat, so renting and driving a bike is an easy way to get around. For more information on travel and stay in Amsterdam, see this link.

Our international guests will receive a card for local transport in Amsterdam, valid for three days.